André Steenhuis


Rinze Benedictus


Max Groenendijk

About.Max Groenendijk studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Twente. In his following PhD project he worked on the fabrication of micro and nano textures for the generation of super hydrophobic surfaces. For this, a femtosecond pulsed laser workstation was developed that could produce unique micro and nano features. Due to the success and promising prospects for this new technology, in 2008 he founded the spin-off company Lightmotif. Now working with 6 employees, Lightmotif recently moved to an own facility including a cleanroom laboratory and production space. The company now works on further development next to offering its services to a large variety of customers. These services include development and implementation of several innovative techniques for surface functionalization as well as micro fabrication.

Maarten ter Heerdt

About.Maarten ter Heerdt graduated in chemistry from Utrecht University and received his PhD in Applied Sciences from Delft University of Technology in 2000. The following two years he spent as a post-doc in solid state physics at the University of Georgia (USA). In 2002, he became a materials specialist at ASML, world-leader in lithography tools for semiconductor industry. After initial work on air filtration, his main areas of expertise nowadays are corrosion and surface treatments. He is involved in materials choice and testing for new developments, as well as in solving materials related problems.

Aleksandro Grabulov



Derk Bol 

About. Derk Bol is program manager at the Materials innovation institute M2i. He is responsible for the material research projects which are being carried out for Philips, ASML, FEI, FujiFILM and other industrial partners of M2i. Derk Bol is member of the Platform Material Scarcity in the Netherlands and in this role advises the Dutch government and other organizations on material scarcity. He is co-author of the M2i study Materials Scarcity. Before joining M2i, Derk Bol has gained extensive experience in industry, as systems engineer for space satellite projects at Fokker Space, and as product development consultant for ADSE, an engineering and consultancy firm active in Europe in the aerospace and rail sector. Derk Bol has obtained a PhD degree in Physics at the University of Leiden on macroscopic quantum effects at low temperatures.



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