Promolding is an innovative company that transforms high-performance polymer technology into industrialized applications. Promolding offers its customers the whole sequence from product design, materials research and process development, to manufacturing. Its motto has always been “Dare to innovate”. To differentiate itself Promolding is very active and successful in the use of new and high-tech materials such as biodegradable materials and technical plastics with additional functionalities such as heat- en electrical conductivity and high-strength materials. The complete chain - product design and development, polymer R&D (including development of new materials), tool design and development, production and assembly up to the distribution of the customers product - is taken care of in a modern company by a wide variety of people: industrial designers, polymer researchers, process technologists, engineers, toolmakers, injection moulders and project-managers.


Promolding profiles on markets for high performance applications such as aircraft industry, medical devices industry, special-machine building, automotive niche markets, sensor technology and the electrical and electronic industry. One example of a product that has recently been developed by Promolding is a full-polymer aircraft catering trolley.


During twelve years of existence Promolding has worked (and still works) together in many national and EU-funded research programmes. Many of these projects develop new materials such as bio-composites (Ecobinders, Bugworkers), electrically conductive carbon nanotube composites (PolyCond, Contact), heat conducting materials (KuWa) and hybrids of injection mouldable materials and continuous fibre reinforcement (Hyject, Conabus).




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