by Simone de Waart – Material Sense
Imagine, experts are ringing the alarm bells: raw oil is really getting out of stock now! The Big 8 ministers decided to abandon plastics as a material for consumer products all over the world. In the year 2020 plastics will be illegal. What are our options left? How will our products look like?
Meeting materials is all about meeting people, but now it is time to get your creativity together and work on challenging questions! Simone de Waart (founder and director of Material Sense) invites you to participate in a unique and creative workshop.
What can you expect?

  • Experience creative brainstorming techniques
  • Create new ideas, in a very short time, for relevant material related dilemmas
  • Find out the strengths of working together with people with different backgrounds
  • Start to look different at your work, the world around you
  • Get inspired!
The workshop is held at SKF Engineering & Research Centre on April the 3th. It starts at 10.30 and finishes around 13.00.

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