TNO Science & Industry

Tour at the Business Unit Materials Technology (09.00-11.00)

Materials Technology is one of the six business units of TNO Science and Industry.

The research of this group addresses to the complete chain of making, processing and characterization of new materials, witch allows it to play a part in the increase of the complexibility of the structure, assimilation and the use of the materials. Materials technology is a important aim within development of new products and production trails. The “Classic” materials such as metals, polymers or ceramic products are often modified, replaced or just under extreme conditions. Important trends for new products are miniaturizing, sustainability and increase of functionalisation. The focus of research lies on surface and interfacial areas, where surplus values and extra fuctionalaty can by created. Examples are, self-cleaning or self-repairing coatings, materials for sensoring, triggered release of medication, functional textile, solar systems and materials that can be used in space, nuclear plans or X-ray diffraction systems.

During the guided tour you will see different divisions within the business unit of Materials technology. The divisions you will visit are:

  • Innovative Materials
  • Rapid Manufacturing
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Multilayer devices and Coatings

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