Philips Apptech

Philips Applied Technologies forms together with Philips Research and IP&S (patent desk) the Research & Development organization of Philips. In this way Philips Applied technologies is set up around the whole Philips organization and external clients to apply research and development tasks (product and trail). Philips applied Technologies consists of about 800 staff members with a technical and/or scientific background, of which ca. 100 on MBO, ca. 300 on HBO and ca. 400 on WO level.  The intentions of the guided tour are:

  • An introduction in the form of a lecture to give over Philips Applied Technologies in the general and in it particularly over the Materials Technology group.
  • After the lecture a guided tour takes place, the attention is directed at mechanical trials, material knowledge research, injection molding of plastic, ceramic and metals parts, machining and biological material investigation.
  • The guided tour is closed with an informal lunch, by which the various concerned of the Materials Technology group are present also, so that extra space is created for contact between the visitors and groups members. 

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