Arnold van Bezooyen

The Fusion of Materials and Design


        Material Stories is where Arnold van Bezooyen works and writes at the interface of materials and design. At this year’s Meeting Materials he will demonstrate how materials and design develop together with cases featuring not only the role of materials in design but also the role of design for materials development.

A few words about our speaker:

"Arnold van Bezooyen has been trained as design all-rounder at the Delft University of Technology where he receives a Masters in Industrial Design Engineering for his research work originating the designers' favorite Material Explorer.

In 2003 he moves to Hamburg for a two year work period as design management consultant at PARK and has been living here ever since. Today, he brings his passion for materials into practice by supporting designers, suppliers and manufacturers with a combination of material inspiration and creative thinking.

Material Stories is where he works and writes at the interface of materials and design. He is currently teaching and lecturing material-driven design at universities in Hamburg and Bremen in cooperation with research and development centers."

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